Friday, February 26, 2010

Birdie's Song

I watched a NOVA PBS special called Life's Greatest Miracle this week because it is this week that our first grandbaby was to make his debut. (at the moment he is still hapipily clammed up in him mother's womb) After watching i felt inspired to write our little Birdie this poem. We are not privy to his real name so they call him Birdie till he is born. What a miracle life really is. God is amazing.

Birdie's Song

Beating heart, and pulsing blood
DNA from him from her,
Gathering ancestry long gone by
Fresh expectations mount and stir.

Hold Joni hold
These moments in the nest
Anticipated longed for birth
Hold, in Abba’s sufficiency rest.

Half your blood supports him now
All your love supports him come
Parental heart and soul’s shell crack
This child, your hearts, a glorious sum.

Receive dear God this child anew
Into your world, into your nest
Fluttering, feeble, failing, fly us
To You, our only guide and rest.

Little birdie so fat so full, come forth!
Can I hear your song upon the height?
Family joy: strength for the day!
God’s gift of song and winged flight.