Monday, April 21, 2014

Resurrection Day Commemoration 2014

This year, Lois Thorpe is living with us and I was privileged to have her co-ordinate our get together. She baked for days before and I posted pics on fb. The trumpet shall sound and the BREAD shall be raised! Sunday we had Lois, Abs, Phil, Lee and 3 month old Rose, Terri, Jacob (who has blessed my soul by moving back in), and my folks for the noon meal. Mom Taylor popped in for a while.

The past year has been a debilitating one for the grand folks. My dad, although his hearing is now being assisted, has lost his leg strength, my mom has had different things take away her energetic self, but she still tries to maintain a positive attitude and rubs crazy plants on her body and eyes which cause us distress. Mom Taylor took a fall when retrieving her mail and her balance is off so she stays closer to home than before and has had a stair lift installed.
Coming to these inevitable years of decline has introduced me to a new world. A world where the body diminishes but the soul has unprecedented room to grow. All of our bodies are new to us year by year. Having limits put on our mobility opens areas of submission in our souls. Our attitude and mindset makes the difference. I am thankful that both sides of our compound are not stuck in complaining or woe is me-ing. They face their challenges with God as their comfort and source of strength.

I decorated the dining table with Ukrainian styled Easter eggs.

We had made these eggs on camping trips, at home, in Mammoth and they recall many memories of wax on wax off.
I have some favorites and one of them had a duck on one side and a chicken on the other. It represented about 6 hours of work. I showed it to Lee who asked to hold it.

Fred says maturity comes in 2 forms, what you can expect it and what you can't expect it. At age 12 if I hand one of these eggs to Lee and he crushes it, I will be disappointed because I would expect him to know better. But at the age of 2, I can't expect him to know how to gingerly hold an egg.
In my eagerness to share my chicken art, I didn't think of that.

It was crushed in the first 5 seconds.

Ten years ago my own spirit would have crushed simultaneously. 
But something has happened to my heart.
My love for Lee is greater than my love for a tediously crafted egg.
Has it taken this long to overcome some crazy loves?
Love of my own efforts has given way to love of adorable people instead. May it spread to all people, adorable or not.
This kind of maturity grows slower than I might have expected. Resurrection power seems slow in my heart.

After the meal we relished the oft-forgotten luxury of unhurried conversation. 
I made the "kids" play a squirt gun egg roll game that ended up showing me ALL of them were great sports.

Abigail tore this out of a magazine and brought it to me. She is now in the position of appreciating what a mom does. But as Thomas Jefferson said, "It is not a burden what we do willingly."

Oddly,  I don't remember all the diaper changing. According to this Hershey kiss ad: 6,203 x 4 would be 24,812 diapers over the course of four children. WOW that is plethora of diapers. However with them I am blessed to recall the joy of pattering footsteps, eager voices chiming out to one another, little hands attempting new skills, and the wonder of God's world through little eyes.

Terri achieved the monumental milestone of making Rose giggle.
Easter, Resurrection day.
My greatest blessings are love between family and growing maturity. Whether that be holding eggs or our own human frailness with care and consideration.

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