Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last month I was invited to the White House for a Christmas Reception through a friend who has worked on White house staff for the past 8 years. Marie is a slight but plucky package of directed energy. She overshoots my understanding of politics but has graciously pursued a relationship with our family after her introduction through our eldest daughter, Jonalyn.

Washington DC is cold and seemingly aloof but with Marie- it is richly accessible! We toured the Congressional Dome, the Library of Congress, (I got my card and spent a morning in Rare books among volumes of delicately illustrated books form the 1400's!) and the Supreme Court. At the last minute I changed my flight home, so I could accept Marie's invitation to attend the staff party. Since I had not brought anything suitable to wear I did some focused hunting at the mall and shot myself a smart red coat.
The night of the party we hailed a cab, and clamored in like children pressing towards Christmas. I was told that we couldn't carry anything in to the VIP's party, so we carried only our umbrella, a discreet hair comb and our ID cards. When we arrived, there were half a dozen hearty looking men and women checking our ID at a booth like building. Did we have our ID?
Next check.. were we on the list of expected guests? Let's see Taylor Taylor? Was I Roberta? NO, Mary Wilhelmina.. Ah yes, there was my name. As we walked up the path 50 feet, we were met with another ID inspection and check. This thorough checking was similar to our reception a few days before at the White house. Once cleared, we gleefully entered and were met with waiters with trays of food, waiters with drinks and waiters with ear headsets.. (hmm, wait.. i think they were the secret service personnel)

There were only 2 reasons I got to attend such lovely events and rub shoulders with these high profile people The first was WHO I knew- Lady Marie, my diminutive friend with a big heart. She was known. She was expected. Her word that we were welcome was enough to move security gates, and place our names on the "Expected and Cleared guest list".
The second reason was my ID card. It identified me as legitimately me..It proved I was the person that had been cleared. I was someone who was expected.

I have another relationship with someone who calls me friend. He has placed my name on an EXPECTED and CLEARED list. My name is written in a book that will be opened before a very large audience. I have been cleared and I am expected. Nothing can block my way into this place. I am not just part of the guest list, I will be part of a great ceremony.
My ID card? That is what will identify me as legitimately me. Interestingly, my ID is closely tied into my relationship with this friend I am telling you about. Because I have been made alive through him, I have been adopted by his Father, I am part of his family, I carry his name, I am a temple of His Spirit, I am complete in Him. When God sees me, he sees my friend, because he is creating his image into my life. Jesus has given me an new ID

So I will have access to a place more sensational than the places I just visited. The guests there will all be of one accord. There will be great feasting and rejoicing. But there probably won't be any secret service people.
And my Friend will give me exquisite garments to wear for this gathering..I have a feeling they will be White..

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