Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Romance

Jessica, when you were little you used to love activity. It was really hard for me to get you sitting down and listen to a story. As you grew that seemed to calm down a little bit but not very much. You are still the girl I knew then.
Being 19 is exciting and launching and hopeful. It is a lovely age at which you stretch to find yourself.

When Daddy and I went to Cairo, he gave a talk on preparing for marriage to those who were young (about 19-29) and single. I loved what he had to say and am so thankful that he took his own advice when we were young. He had a relationship with a Christian girl who was a beauty. She was tall and thin and beautiful of face...much more of his match physically than I. His heart did not have the wisdom to see beyond these and so he got involved in a close and unhealthy relationship with her. You know that daddy often gets what he pursues. That is kind of a Taylor trait.

Well thank God he stopped Daddy short and to make a loooong story shorter, daddy began to think about the fact that God wanted daddy to know God and be in a relationship with God that was closer than a girlfriend. He had wrapped up so much of his energies pursuing a girl that his relationship with God was lacking.
If you are still with me, let me know- I will buy you lunch at My Thai! I know its hard to stay with such a long letter, but that skill improves with practice.

Anyway I so admire daddy for this. He says he let the dating and boyfriend/girlfriend area of his life go to sleep. Meaning he decided to prepare his own soul for marriage by focusing on the relationships that he knew God wanted him to concentrate on. First with God and then with his mom and dad. I sooo appreciate that because I know there were girlfriends before me but through that period of what he calls “being asleep,” (like Rip Van Winkle) God prepared him to recognize that I was someone he wanted to get to know. He was ready because he wasn’t looking for me to fulfill him. God was fulfilling him. Daddy had taken time to grow close to his parents although let me tell you his dad was kind of a difficult man –never seeming to being pleased with what Fred did. But daddy worked at it and I think God honored his intentions. He was able to get his family relationships in good order so that as we began in marriage we had a good start.

You have a great dad. He has a gift of seeing years ahead so he can shoot for his goal.
His goal was beyond this world.. an eternal goal. And he wouldn’t allow for things he knew would distract him to do that for very long.

So- I wrote this a year ago it seems but it is still true.. I admire your dad for it. Now I am pleased that you have come to a place where you are holding an exclusive relationship with any guy at arms length. If it is in His will, God will work to bring you a match that is your equal in his time.

Praying for you.

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